zerobound Fire Rated Cladding

Zerobound zero allotment fire rated boundary system.

ZeroBound fire rated boundary wall has been designed for multi residential, townhouses and homes where boundary walls need to be fire rated.

Designed to offer a simple solution to zero allotment buildings. Where the buildings may not be built in consecutive order. For instance, independent contracts. Zerobound will assist in many construction designs.

This makes Zerobound ideal for developers and townhouse builders that are looking at saving time and costs.

Designed to be one of the most user-friendly system with time and savings to be made by the construction company. In addition of a60/60/60 FRL and with no complex procedures or systems to follow.  Zerobound will be your choice of boundary wall system within moments of using.

Zerobound is one of the quickest Zero allotment boundary wall systems on the market and with its shiplap system making it easy to build on or off site. Above all offering many advantages in your project.

  • Impact, mould and moisture resistant. Therefore saving on site damages.
  • Shiplap construction system for quick install. In addition, saving time.
  • Non-flammable & non-combustible FRL 60/60/60.
  • Easy to cut with no special saw or saw blades. Similarly saving time and costs.
  • Multi-occupancy sites. Providing significant savings to the builder.

So talk to CBMA about your next development and how Zerobound maybe the time, space and cost saving product you have been looking for.

Zerobound Fire Rated Cladding CodeMark
Simple install and construction system.
Up to 60/60/60FRL fire rating!
Multi-occupancy construction savings.
Easy to cut with standard tungsten blade.

Eco friendly, with no asbestos, crystalline silica or Formaldehyde.

Developed with ease of installation in mind, with ease of cutting and drilling with no specialised tools.

Ideal for all multi-residential developments or where a fire rated cladding is required.

Ensure you are meeting your fire ratings on your project with up to 60/60/60 FRL.

Simplifying multi-residential development construction process without compromising performance, with the latest technology.

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March 6, 2020

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