Apartments have a variety of challenges including speed and design. CBMA fire rated products and cladding options offer solutions that can change the challenges involved in apartments.

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Apartments have their own challenges, such as progress payments, starts and stops on construction and progress building, these can run up extra costs costing more time and margin. CBMA have taken these problems into account when designing our products to assist on helping building finish builds quicker and more efficiently.

An alternative to brick, block and masonry products. Developed for ease of install, time saving and high fire resistance. Astrix500 Can be painted or rendered to suit your look.

Highest rated external wall cladding system.

Up to 120/120/120 FRL
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Zerobound Zero allotment

If you are building on a boundary and need fire rated boundary walls ZeroBound will give you a 60/60/60 FRL rating with an easy install that can be painted or rendered, saving time and costs.

Boundary wall cladding system.

Up to 60/60/60 FRL
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Eboard fire rated cladding

Offering a moisture resistant and impact resistant board, E-Board is ideal for wet areas and tile underlays, including balconies. E-Board can also give you a 60/60/60 FRL rendered cladding option.

Internal wall lining system/external render system

Up to 60/60/60 FRL
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Firezone Party wall

A party wall alternative that can save time and money on installation due to the simplicity of the system without compromising performance or quality. Rated with a 60/60/60 FRL FireZone is your go to for your multi-residential townhouses.

Party wall cladding system

Up to 60/60/60 FRL
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