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Architectural Lightweight Cladding System

ResiFix is a lightweight cladding system designed to utilize the 10mm fire rated E-Board.

With multiple architecturally looking design options for the layout, ResiFix cladding system can offer many different looks without compromising the quality of the project.

ResiFix cladding system has been developed to utilize the E-Board panel with its high impact resistance, mould and moisture resistance, to offer a higher performing system than the comparable systems.

ResiFix has been developed to offer a quick and easy install offer for general cladding by utilising general building tools and a standard tungsten saw blade and saw, eliminating expensive saw blades and tools.

  • Impact, mould and moisture resistant.
  • Utilizing non-flammable & non-combustible E-Board panel.
  • Easy to cut with no special saw or saw blades.
  • Multiple architectural looking design layouts
  • Can be painted to suit your design and project.
ResFix Render
Simple install and construction system.
Utilizing non-flammable & non-combustible E-Board panel.
Multi-occupancy construction savings.
Easy to cut with standard tungsten blade.


Eco friendly, made with Magnesium Oxide, with no asbestos, crystalline silica or Formaldehyde.

Developed with ease of installation in mind, with ease of cutting and drilling with no specialised tools.

Ideal cost-effective residential cladding option.

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A simple, but tough, cost-effective cladding option for many residential projects.

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