Cladding products and systems for residential and light commercial projects and developments.

Cladding Solutions

CBMA have been supplying Australian builders with cladding solutions, from fire rated systems to architectural systems for design and visual appearance.

CBMA has a solution for your next project and can assist with you with one or many of our construction options that could save you time, money and give you a peace of mind that you have not compromised performance in any aspect of your build process.

Astrix500 is the perfect alternative to standard brick, block or other masonry products, with larger coverage than many masonry products, meaning you can cover more area in less time. With our advanced designs on our systems, Astrix500 can be completed in shorter time than many other cladding options. It is designed to be rendered or painted with your choice of colour to suit your project and look. Ideal for childcare centres, medical centres and high-end homes and townhouses.

E-Board is our standard fire rated cladding option with a 60/60/60 rating, for a cost-effective cladding that can be painted or rendered to suit your look, E-Board can be used in many applications.

ResFix is an architectural look cladding option utilizing our 10mm non-combustible E-Board panel. With express joint look you can design to suit your needs and looks. A major difference over comparative products is the ability to utilise standard saw blades and tools to install the panels, eliminating expensive saws and saw blades.

ZeroBound system has been designed to be a solution to an issue in the construction industry. To install a simple and fire rated system on site or off site where there is a zero-boundary requirement. Developed to save customers time, money and stress, this is the jewel of any developer’s project.


Highest rated external wall cladding system.

Up to 120/120/120 FRL
Eboard fire rated cladding

External & internal wall cladding system.

Up to 60/60/60 FRL
Zerobound Zero allotment

External wall cladding system (smaller projects).

Up to 60/60/60 FRL
Eboard fire rated cladding

Architectural express joint residential cladding system.

Up to BAL40

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