Firezone Partywall

Fire Rated Partition Wall (party wall) system

Firezone is a CodeMark Accredited Party Wall system.

FireZone is a 60/60/60 FRL rated partition wall (party wall) system developed for ease of install and for high fire performance. With its unique ship lap system, FireZone does not require all the accessories that traditional Party wall systems use, in turn saving install time and costs.

FireZone is one of the most proficient partition (party wall) systems on the market. With the latest manufacturing technology making FireZone, impact resistant, moisture resistant and mould resistant, FireZone has been developed to handle the harsh conditions of the Australian building environment throughout the whole construction phase, ensuring the builder a peace of mind throughout the construction process.

  • Impact, mould and moisture resistant.
  • Shiplap construction system for quick install.
  • Non-flammable & non-combustible FRL 60/60/60.
  • Easy to cut with no special saw or saw blades.
  • No need to predrill or worry about mould growth over delayed builds.
CodeMark Firezone Partywall system
Simple install and construction system.
Up to 60/60/60FRL fire rating!
Moisture and mould and impact resistant.
Easy to cut with standard tungsten blade.

FireZone is one of the most proficient partition (party wall) systems on the market.

Eco friendly, made with Magnesium Oxide, with no asbestos, crystalline silica or Formaldehyde.

Developed with ease of installation in mind, with ease of cutting and drilling with no specialised tools.

Ideal for all partition walls (party walls) or where a fire rated cladding is required.

Ensure you are meeting your fire ratings on your project with up to 60/60/60 FRL.

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